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Good side to mild hazing

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After reading another article on hazings, I'd like to toss another voice into the fray.

I understand the strong opposition against it. If someone decided that I needed to be stripped and taped, or thought I deserved a good case of hair removal, I would be most akin to land a nice hard fist into the middle of his face.

On the other hand, if someone gave me a poster indicating that I had made chamber choir and said, "Hey, buddy. Wear this if you feel like it," I'm not going to run to Judge Judy screaming for $250,000!

All I'm saying is: Hey, people! Don't turn your heads away from the types of 'hazing' that spur interest and pride in students! This type of hazing creates an attitude of belonging that will prevent students from pulling 9mms on their friends.

Robert F. Bentley

West Jordan