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Uniform idea is doomed

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Last year, Westbrook Elementary in Granite School District joined the uniform bandwagon. Because of a two-year minimum effort required by the state of Utah, the school must continue throughout the 2001-2002 school year. I believe it is doomed to fail and will be discontinued after next year.

I fully support the idea of uniforms. Many parents who also supported the idea became too lenient to enforce it with their own children. The beginning of the 2000-2001 school year brought most of the Westbrook Elementary children in uniforms; however, by the end of the school year hardly any were wearing their uniforms.

I made my child wear her uniform through the last day of school. It was hard to tell a 6-year-old that she had to wear her uniform when her friends could wear what they wanted, even though they had begun the year in uniforms.

Perhaps the apparent failure is due to lack of discipline by school officials to enforce the uniform on those who did not "opt out." Not. It disappoints me when a child whines that parents give in. It's just too hard for them to stick to their guns. Westbrook Elementary said it would enforce the policy better this year. Our teachers should be teaching the students, not monitoring what they are wearing.

I guess I'll have to muster up enough money to send my children to private school so they won't worry about clothing and start worrying about what matters — education!

Stacy Chapa

West Jordan