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Bad decision, La Verkin

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Imagine a situation where the government demands the conformity of its residents. Picture a place where the government singles out those who do not conform and forces them to mark themselves for easy identification. Is this ringing a bell? Well, it isn't the Liberty Bell you are hearing. We are not talking about Nazi Germany or Joe McCarthy's commie hunt. This is happening in our own back yard.

On July 4 (in a special "Independence Day" session, ironically), the city council of La Verkin voted 3-2 to make their city a U.N.-free zone. The proclamation forbids the city from spending any funds in support of the United Nations.

In a brief moment of lucidity, the council graciously acknowledged that its residents would still have the right to support the United Nations on an individual basis. However, such a person would be required to file an annual report with the city and to display a sign signifying his or her support for the United Nations.

I was under the impression that this was still the United States of America. I thought that this was the country where we sought to preserve rights, not to infringe upon them.

The benefits of belonging to the United Nations are certainly open for debate, and perhaps support for the actions of such an organization should be given serious and careful consideration. However, in forcing residents to post notice of their support for the United Nations, the La Verkin City Council is without excuse. This is a violation of one of our most sacred rights: the freedom of our own thoughts.

At best, three members of the La Verkin City Council have proposed an idea that is insanely stupid and dangerous. At its worst, it is blatant fascism. Let us hope that these three people do not represent the views of all the residents of La Verkin.

Christopher Thornblad