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Rethink stem-cell stance

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Sen. Orrin Hatch has brought attention to stem-cell research. Today, there was an article that mentioned embryos are currently being created specifically for stem-cell research. I don't believe that even Sen. Hatch wanted embryos created specifically for research. His desire was to use embryos left over from in-vitro fertilization procedures since the current procedure is to discard remaining embryos.

There is an option for life that Sen. Hatch has overlooked. Embryos not used by the infertile couple can be adopted by other infertile couples. The procedure for implanting the embryos is the same for birth or adoptive couples. It would make sense to extend the current adoption tax credit to couples willing to adopt embryos.

Also, it makes scientific sense to pursue adult stem-cell research. Any cells derived from one's one body would not create the need for lifelong use of anti-rejection medication as is required whenever foreign cells or body parts are introduced into the body.

Sen. Hatch can support life by supporting adoption of embryos and supporting adult stem-cell research. Please re-think your position, Sen. Hatch.

Roseanne E. Wilkins