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Police arrest 2 in string of S.L. Valley robberies

SHARE Police arrest 2 in string of S.L. Valley robberies

Two people wanted in a string of robberies in the Salt Lake Valley were arrested Friday evening.

The man and woman were arrested by Salt Lake County sheriff's deputies as they were leaving Aspen Hills Apartments, at approximately 3900 South and 900 East. The man was booked into jail; the woman was refused because she is six months pregnant.

According to Salt Lake City police spokesman Dwayne Baird, the pair would find things to steal from homes on the market during open houses. While taking a tour of the home, the woman would distract the sales agent while the man searched the house for items of even minimal value.

Baird said the stolen items were used to purchase heroin.

"They're willing to steal anything that can be traded for drugs," Baird said. Stolen items have included prescription medicine, jewelry and cash.

The couple were identified after stealing the wallet of a sales agent a couple of weeks ago. The agent reported the missing wallet almost immediately after giving the couple a tour. The stolen cards were used about 20 minutes after she had contacted her credit card company, Baird said.