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Leave fireworks to pros

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I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I read Rochelle Hilton's letter regarding fireworks. I don't know what world Mrs. Hilton inhabits, but I don't think it's the same as the rest of us.

First of all, you don't have to pay "big bucks" to watch professional fireworks displays. You just need to look up into the sky.

Second, do fireworks really convey the true meaning of Independence Day? That's like saying miniature flashing lights convey the true meaning of Christmas.

The fact is, fireworks are inherently dangerous; they burn at a very high temperature and emit showers of sparks. Sparks can start ground fires, burn structures and burn clothing and skin.

We live in a densely populated area, surrounded by acres of dry timber and brush. I think it's time to outlaw the sale and use of fireworks and restrict their use to professional displays. I say this not to deny your grandchildren their "little pleasures" but for the overall safety of the public.

Scott L. Henry

West Jordan