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New route west needed

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The east-west traffic congestion on the south end of the valley, as the editor correctly stated, is bottlenecked. However, to argue that an interchange at 11400 South will improve the commute is like saying a finger in the dike will save the town.

During rush hours I have traveled east to west on almost every major surface street from 4700 South to 10400 South. Those streets are snarled from I-15 to Bangerter Highway. This is because the southwest side has no freeway that connects I-15 to Redwood and then to Bangerter and extending further west to Highway 111.

Also, because the way our streets are funded, they alternate between one and two lanes causing further congestion and safety problems.

With all the development pushing further west, onto the Oquirrh Mountains, the problem is only to get worse. The east side has I-215 and I-80, but the west side has nothing.

One exchange at 11400 South is nice. Even nicer would be a fast, convenient, safe way to get from I-15 headed west. Ideally the freeway would be somewhere between 7200 South and 11400 South.

Steven Jones

West Jordan