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Not glamorous but evil

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Whether a person drowns in a filthy pond or a pristine lake the result is the same. Thus it is with rave parties. Regardless of the setting they are dangerous.

Raves are usually associated with out-of-the-way places where mostly teenagers get together early in the morning supposedly for an all-night dance party to creatively express themselves. Tragically, part of that "expression" includes drugs and paraphernalia linked to drugs. Sex may also be part of the equation.

As reported in Wednesday's Deseret News, raves are not limited to teenagers. Some well-to-do Utah adults throw private house parties for the young and wealthy that feature drugs and sex.

That has come out in the investigation involving the former chief financial officer of Zions Bank, Dale Gibbons. According to Salt Lake County sheriff's detectives, Gibbons reportedly was involved with these so-called adult rave parties.

Gibbons' alleged involvement was not in isolation. Many other wealthy adults are involved with these parties. Investigators say a regular group of well-to-do residents in Utah throw private house parties for the elite and financially well off. A common denominator, according to an undercover deputy, is scantily clad women.

What some young women may view as glamorous really is evil. There is no other word that adequately describes it. Police say men will go to popular teen nightclubs to recruit good-looking young women to go to the adult rave parties, which are held in ritzy locales. Those who host the parties are some of Utah's wealthiest residents including doctors, lawyers and businessmen.

Basically, these wealthy middle-age men use the parties as a vehicle to prey on young women and, in many instances to sedate them and force themselves on them. Several individuals have told detectives that drugs and sexual assaults are part of the party atmosphere.

Parents need to be particularly vigilant regarding the perils of rave-like events, regardless of how sophisticated the parties seem to be. The best defense is to not go. Once there, a person may not be able to fully exercise his or her agency.

Teenagers and young adults in particular need to view the parties for what they are — brightly wrapped packages that are filled with sludge.