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15 patents given to Utah inventors

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Fifteen patents were awarded to Utah inventors on June 19. U.S. patents are granted each Tuesday.

The new patents include:

Trailing axle assembly. Fred P. Smith, Alpine; Jack Mitchell, Kamas. Filed July 14, 1997. Patent No. 6,247,712.

Recumbent cycle with improved suspension. C. Martin Rasmussen, Fruit Heights; Larry L. Howell, Orem; Chris Johnson, San Diego; Kirk Johnson, Puyallup, Wash.; Kyle Hansen and Toni Cedeno, both of Provo; Doug Hayes, Ames, Iowa; Jim Arnold, Cocoa, Fla. Assigned to Happijac Co., Kaysville. Filed April 7, 1998, claiming priority to provisional application No. 60/041,829, filed April 9, 1997. Patent No. 6,247,714.

Composite golf club head. Ronald H. Nelson, Dimitrije Milovich and Gregory Joseph Loughry, all of Salt Lake City; Paul Nordstrom Clark, Sandy. Assigned to Radius Engineering Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Nov. 16, 1999, a continuation of Patent No. 5,985,197, filed April 23, 1997, and application No. 08/865,493, filed May 29, 1997, which is a continuation-in-part of said Patent No. 5,985,197. Patent No. 6,248,024.

Absorbable brachytherapy and chemotherapy delivery devices and methods. William G. Mavity, Los Altos, Calif.; Robert A. Stern, Mountain View, Calif.; Shigemasa Osaki, Sandy; Paul O. Zamora, Gaithersburg, Md. Assigned to Innerdyne Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif. Filed July 27, 1999, claiming priority to provisional application No. 60/094,412, filed July 28, 1998. Patent No. 6,248,057.

Anastomosis apparatus for use in intraluminally directed vascular anastomosis. Duane D. Blatter, Salt Lake City. Filed April 16, 1999. Patent No. 6,248,117.

Heat activated surgical fastener. Howard M. Tanner, Logan; Hugh H. Trout III, Bethesda, Md. Assigned to EVA Corp., Bethesda, Md. Filed Nov. 18, 1999, a continuation-in-part of Patent No. 5,997,556, filed Dec. 19, 1998, which is a continuation-in-part of Patent No. 5,957,940, filed Oct. 27, 1997, which is a continuation-in-part of Patent No. 5,944,750, filed July 18, 1997, which claims priority to provisional application No. 60/051,209, filed June 30, 1997. Patent No. 6,248,118.

Open system sulfurous acid generator. Edward Jackson, Salt Lake City. Filed July 7, 1997. Patent No. 6,248,299.

Complexes to improve oral absorption of poorly absorbable antibiotics. Seung-Ho Choi and Jeoung-Soo Lee, both Salt Lake City. Assigned to International Health Management Associates Inc., Rolling Meadows, Ill. Filed June 21, 2000. Patent No. 6,248,360.

Solid carriers for improved delivery of active ingredients in pharmaceutical compositions. Mahesh V. Patel and Feng-Jing Chen, both of Salt Lake City. Assigned to Lipocine Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Nov. 23, 1999. Patent No. 6,248,363.

7-forming, superconducting filaments through bicomponent dry spinning. Olli P. Tuominen, Ogden; Carol W. Morgan, Dominick A. Burlone and Keith V. Blankenship, all of Asheville, N.C. Assigned to BASF Corp., under subcontract with the Department of Energy; the U.S. government has certain rights in this invention. Filed July 15, 1994. Patent No. 6,248,696.

Thick film on metal encoder element. Craig R. Bailey, Mantua, Box Elder County; Richard E. Riley, Riverside, Calif.; Geary Green, San Diego; Stephen J. Waszak, Chula Vista, Calif. Assigned to Bourns Inc., Riverside, Calif. Filed April 7, 1999, a continuation-in-part of application No. 09/283,025, filed March 30,1999. Patent No. 6,248,964.

Integrated inductive components and method of fabricating such components. Ian Robert Harvey, Kaysville; Michael Frederick Ehman, North Ogden; Malcolm Randall Harvey, Hyde Park; James Craig Stephenson, Sandy. Assigned to Bourns Inc. Filed Sept. 10, 1998. Patent No. 6,249,039.

Differential-mode charge transfer amplifier. William J. Marble, Provo. Filed Nov. 30, 1999. Patent No. 6,249,181.

Potpourri kettle that is adapted for use in a vehicle. Tamu Smith, Provo. Filed Sept. 20, 2000. Patent No. 6,249,645.

The ornamental design for a pool table leg. Ray H. Baker, Sandy. Filed July 5, 2000. Design Patent No. Des. 443,908.

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