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Intern’s parents say Condit remains uncooperative

SHARE Intern’s parents say Condit remains uncooperative

WASHINGTON — Rep. Gary Condit is still stonewalling, Chandra Levy's distraught parents said Saturday.

"Another day in hell," Susan Levy said with a sigh before leaving in the family station wagon with husband, Robert, for a weekend of seclusion in northern California.

Through their lawyer, the parents of the missing intern declared themselves "disappointed" with Condit's attempt to deflect criticism by taking a lie-detector test with a hired expert.

They said Condit, D-Calif., had failed to satisfy their repeated pleas to cooperate fully with the FBI and the Washington police.

"Those questions asked during the private polygraph may not have been all of the questions the department felt were pertinent in this case," Police Chief Charles Ramsey said.

"Police should have had input during the course of questioning under controlled conditions," he added.

"It's upsetting me," Susan Levy said of the intense but unsuccessful search for her 24-year-old daughter, who was last seen leaving a Washington health club April 30.

The mother said it was particularly upsetting to watch the search of abandoned buildings in Washington by police with cadaver dogs, which continued Saturday.

Abbe Lowell, Condit's lawyer, touted the credentials of the private polygrapher, 35-year FBI veteran Barry Colvert. But Colvert failed to convince prosecutors and the FBI in 1998, when he declared that then-Teamsters President Ron Carey told the truth in denying wrongdoing in a campaign funding scandal.

Carey was later indicted on felony charges and is now awaiting trial.

With the polygraph issue now at an impasse, police and the FBI were expected to focus their investigation on whether Condit obstructed justice in failing to admit to an alleged affair with Chandra Levy until his third interview.