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Stem-cell research critical

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Thank you, Sen. Orrin Hatch, for your support of embryonic stem-cell research. Your support brings hope to millions of people who suffer with chronic diseases like my two children, ages 3 and 9, with diabetes.

While I respect the viewpoint of so-called right-to-life groups, if one really analyzes the issue, the true choice to support life is to support embryonic stem-cell research. These frozen embryos have no hope for life but currently will be just thrown away.

However, using these cells to someday relieve the pain and suffering of people who are currently living affirms the right to life of those who suffer with and prematurely die from debilitating disease.

Why should Hatch support such a wonderful effort? Because hundreds, perhaps thousands, of conservative voters in his district like me have written and called to express our desire that this important research move forward. I just hope President Bush follows his lead.

To back up my thanks, Senator Hatch, a check is on the way to support your next campaign fund. Thank you again.

Dale Harris, M.D.