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Help, don’t hurt high-tech

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As business development manager for a computer company, I wanted to comment on the recent ruling in the case against Microsoft. The reversal and censoring of Judge Thomas Jackson confirmed my belief that while Microsoft was aggressive in its business practices, the government was the patsy for Microsoft's market competitors.

From the beginning this suit was wrong. Consumer choices, not government management of innovation, are the best marketplace regulators. New regulations and unnecessary lawsuits against technology companies stifle innovation and result in consumers paying higher prices. While Microsoft might get its hands slapped for aggressiveness, overall the ruling is a victory for Microsoft and for consumers. The loser is the taxpayer who again foots the bill for an expensive lawsuit that will have minimal long-term impact.

Rather than the government spending time on punishing companies in the United States, it should concern itself with trying to help support the industry. America already lost most of the manufacturing jobs in high tech to overseas companies. Now the trend is moving to setting up engineering groups overseas as well. How can we compete against countries that not only support but also own high tech? Do we want well-paid, educated jobs to disappear in America?

Our high-tech industry is facing the worst downturn in 20 years. Anybody who has been watching stock prices in the last year can see that the high-tech industry could use some support from the government, rather than lawsuits.

Cheryl Evans