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World datelines


LUANDA — Rebels have killed 70 people and wounded 15 in an attack in diamond-rich northeast Angola, the Portuguese news agency Lusa said Tuesday.


BUENOS AIRES — The government signed a deal Tuesday with opposition-run provinces for a "zero deficit" austerity plan to restore confidence in a recession-hit economy rocked by default fears.

BUENOS AIRES — A pregnant woman was wounded by gunfire during a botched bank heist in which armed bandits held 20 people hostage for five hours before being taken peacefully into custody.


ADELAIDE— Rain has hindered Aboriginal trackers and police searching for a gunman who terrorized a British woman and is feared to have shot dead her boyfriend, officials said on Tuesday. The manhunt, which has blocked all major roads in the vast Northern Territory, stretched into the neighboring outback states Western Australia and Queensland on Tuesday.


PHNOM PENH — Cambodia agreed on Tuesday to repatriate nearly 400 Vietnamese hilltribe members who fled across the border in recent months and are currently under U.N. care in the remote northeastern region.


BEIJING — Explosives illegally stored at a home blew up in northwest China, killing 47, injuring 85 and burying a dozen people under the rubble. Police were searching for a man who moved the explosives to his brother's house in the village of Mafang after officials shut down his illegal explosives factory in April, Xinhua said.


MEXICO CITY — The captain of a Mexican tour boat that capsized of the Cabo San Lucas coast, killing three Americans, will be charged with involuntary manslaughter, authorities said Monday.

Northern Ireland

BELFAST — Northern Ireland's police chief appealed Tuesday for an end to rioting by rival Catholic and Protestant mobs before someone is killed.


OSLO — Scandinavian Airlines System, the joint flag carrier for Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and Finnair joined 21 other airlines Tuesday in refusing to transport exports of whale products.


WARSAW — Severe storms swept across Poland overnight, killing five people and injuring 16, officials said Tuesday. A couple walking on the beach Monday night in the Baltic sea town of Karwia, some 250 miles north of Warsaw, were killed by lightning, said Witold Maziarz, a spokesman for Poland's fire brigades.


ABOARD THE S.S. KLAVDIYA YELANSKAYA — Naval engineers using a remote-control, deep-sea vessel conducted exploratory work Tuesday at the site where the Kursk nuclear submarine sank, laying the groundwork for a two-month operation to raise the shattered ship.


MOGADISHU — Rival armed groups clashed Monday in southern Mogadishu, killing 13 people and wounding dozens more in the fourth straight day of fighting in the capital, witnesses and hospital officials said.


ZURICH — A Swiss cat has been put down after it was found suffering from an illness related to mad cow disease, the Swiss veterinary office said on Tuesday.


DUSHANBE — A state adviser to the Tajik president was gunned down in broad daylight in the capital Dushanbe on Tuesday by three young men using pistols with silencers, officials said.


ISTANBUL — The prime minister rejected media calls for his administration to step down in favor of a "technocrat government" to steer Turkey through a deepening economic crisis that has seen its currency lose half its dollar value.


DONETSK — Ukraine police offered a $18,600 reward on Tuesday for information about the murder of a television reporter, the latest victim in a series of attacks against journalists.

Vatican City

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican on Tuesday threatened to excommunicate an archbishop married in New York this spring in one of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's mass weddings.


HARARE — Zimbabwe said Tuesday it would put corn and wheat under state control, in what was seen as a bid to conserve stocks of scarce staple foods.