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Thanks for DUI stories

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Thanks to all of you at the Deseret News for your ongoing efforts in the fight against drunk drivers. Another sad story appeared in the Provo Daily Herald of June 11, 2001, under "Police Beat."

"In one case [of a driver arrested for DUI] a 34-year-old man was arrested Saturday around 1 a.m. after he drove across the lawn of a home in the area of 200 North and 1600 West.

"Police said the same suspect was later arrested just before midnight the same day [emphasis added] for DUI after being stopped in the area of 50 West and 300 South, Provo."

Imagine you are the first officer. You arrest a man wielding a 4,000 pound loaded weapon, so drunk he can't tell the difference between the street and surrounding homes. You haul him off to the station in your patrol car. (And drunks can do incredibly gross things to the back seats of patrol cars.) You impound his car.

Then you find out that less than 24 hours later the same guy is behind he wheel again, liquored up and looking for adventure. With this kind of revolving door I'm surprised our police officers bother to arrest drunks at all.

(I don't even consider the other possibility — that the first arresting officer did not haul the guy in and did not impound his car. In that case, and if that was you, please get out of police work. You are not part of the solution.)

John Merrill