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Thanks for story on gays

SHARE Thanks for story on gays

On July 12 the Deseret News published an article that went into great detail about the desire of gay men and women to be counted. It explained a variety of statistics about the "counting" of gay couples, as discovered by the recent census, while describing certain related aspects of the lives of a lesbian couple.

My feelings about the Deseret News publishing an article of this nature can be summarized in two words: Thank you.

Many within our community believe that the Deseret News represents the conservative perspective, while the Salt Lake Tribune is polarized with the liberal. And, as is certainly evidenced by the sentiment of many who write to the editorial board of the Deseret News, much of your readership espouses a conservative paradigm.

I simply want to express by gratitude for your honest and thoughtful coverage of those of us who are often considered the "other" in our society. Indeed, we are a significant segment of the community that buys the Deseret News. We read it. We shop from its advertisements. We enjoy its photography. And, we delight in seeing our lives reflected in your stories.

Shawn Winger

Saratoga Springs