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Bikini not lewd, say prosecutors

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WEST POINT —The itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini that Dee Dee Derian likes to wear while gardening, to the great distress of her neighbors, is not too teeny-weeny, prosecutors have decided.

Davis County Attorney Mel Wilson said Tuesday that Derian will not be prosecuted under the state's lewdness statute.

He said neighbors gave sheriff's deputies misinformation about the swimsuit.

"It was represented as more of a string bikini," Wilson said Tuesday. "She was pretty scantily clad, but you can wear a bikini like the one she was wearing. It's not illegal."

Neighbors last week said Derian, 40, was wearing a thong bikini while she weeded, mowed and planted trees. Deputies, who had been called to the residence three times, read Derian the state lewdness statute Friday.

Derian said Monday that her neighbors were trying to make her move because she runs Black Rose Enterprises out of her home. The company sends topless maids to private homes to do light housework.