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Searchers looking for Wayment

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PARK CITY — Search crews were combing the mountains above Coalville Wednesday in the same area where the body of 2-year old Gage Wayment was found last October. This time crews were looking for Gage's father, Paul.

Paul Wayment, 38, was sentenced Tuesday to 30 days in jail for misdemeanor negligence in connection with his son's death.

Wayment was scheduled to turn himself into the Summit County Jail by 10 a.m. today to begin serving his sentence, but his attorneys advised him to be there at 8 a.m., Summit County Sheriff's detective Rob Berry said.

Wayment told his parents he was going to spend some time in the mountains Tuesday afternoon before he went to jail, Berry said. He never returned from his trip, Berry said.

Search crews found Wayment's truck Wednesday next to the pond where the original search for Gage started. There was no sign of Paul as of press time Wednesday.

Crews planned Wednesday afternoon to search the rugged area by air.

It is unknown who was the last person to talk to Wayment before he disappeared, Berry said.

Wayment's jail sentence came as a surprise to both the prosecution and defense.

"I don't think a jail sentence will bring greater condemnation than Paul has already brought upon himself," defense attorney Glen Cook said. "The conviction alone is a significant punishment that will always be there.

Wayment, showing little emotion, told the court before being sentenced, "In one brief moment, I made the biggest and most painful wrong of my life. The life that I now live is the hell that I alone have created. The pain is incomprehensible."

Prosecutors contend Wayment left his son, Gage, sleeping in a car seat while he scouted a hunting area in the mountains above Coalville Oct. 26, 2000. The child somehow got out of Wayment's truck while his father was away and wandered off into the woods.

His frozen body was found five days later by a volunteer who had joined the massive search-and-rescue effort. An autopsy revealed Gage died of hypothermia.

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