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Tour booklet

One of the best ways to experience Fort Douglas — both old and new — is on foot. And to help visitors find their way around, the University of Utah, the Utah State Preservation Office and the Utah Historical Society have created a "Brief History & Walking Tour."

Produced by Eric Browning, historic preservation research assistant, under the direction of Anne Racer, director of facilities planning at the U., the booklet divides Fort Douglas into 10 separate neighborhoods. Because the tour covers a fair amount of time and walking, they point out, it is designed to be flexible. You can do it all — walk around each neighborhood for a closer look at each building. Or you can find a strategic location overlooking each neighborhood and easily view all the buildings in that area as you read about them.

You can spread the tour out over several visits or take a break at the museum or maybe enjoy lunch at the Heritage Center (anyone is invited to the inexpensive and lavish, all-you-can-eat buffet).

Copies of the tour booklet are available at the Fort Douglas Museum, Utah Historical Society and other campus locations as well.