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Agencies wasting water

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We have been admonished to conserve water here in the desert where water is precious. I think most individuals are doing a fair job, but some just don't get it. Some specific examples will illustrate my point.

The lawn at the Decker Lake Park is watered all morning, every morning, even after an inch of rain fell the previous night. There are cuts in the gravel path more than a foot deep caused by erosion from the runoff. I think the parks department must be using the sprinklers to keep the lake filled!

Franklin Covey waters its parking strip every afternoon. Several sprinklers put more water in the street than on the lawn.

Other offenders in the past week include: Taylorsville High School, 2 p.m.; Plymouth Elementary School, 4 p.m.; Eisenhower Junior High School, 5 p.m.; Salt Lake Community College, 5 p.m.; Taylorsville High and Eisenhower Junior High had broken sprinklers. Many government agencies (parks especially) water too often and at the wrong time of day. The Forest Service office next door waters the lawn (and the street) at 6 p.m. daily. Surely this institution should know something about water conservation!

I do what I can to conserve, but I feel frustrated when others flagrantly waste water. Water companies raise rates in spite of my efforts. I don't want more government interference, but what are we citizens to do? Higher prices have no effect on those who obviously don't care to conserve. Abusers need to be fined or have their water supply terminated.

Charles L. Johnson