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Redford lacks decorum

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When Robert Redford, speaking to foreign dignitaries, called President Bush "ignorant," an "idiot" and "stupid," related to his stand on the environment (reported in multiple newspapers), we couldn't believe what we were reading.

Redford's omnipotent remarks say a lot about Mr. Redford. Where's the humility that marks every great man? What does his arrogance represent when he gives "credence" to very questionable beliefs and actions taken by environmental extremists? Where are his manners and sense of decorum when speaking about his president?

If he were our son, we would wash his mouth out with soap. Rather than letting Redford continue his status as squatter and an indentured servant to extreme environmentalists, we might then ban him to Siberia, since he seems to like King George types who, at a wave of their dictatorial arms, can declare umpteen million acres as national monuments.

We would suggest that Robert Redford look at the adverse environment those in the movie industry have created. He and his peers in Hollywood have accelerated the cultural degradation of our environment. With a vengeance, filmmakers have become obsessed with sex and violence. Nothing is sacred anymore. Many of the heroes created for our children are vulgar heroes who flaunt the laws of God, of fidelity, of good will and honesty. True love, honesty and fidelity are vanishing. Is this the type of "pristine" environment that will build and preserve America?

Every nation that has allowed such degradation has destroyed itself.

Richard and Bonnie Drake

Salt Lake City