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Colorado man’s body found in Lake Powell

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PAGE, Ariz. — Rescuers recovered the body of a man who was killed in a Lake Powell diving accident Wednesday.

Killed was:

Sason Sharife, 33, Greeley, Colo.

Sharife was vacationing with friends on the San Juan Arm of the lake near Wilson Creek when he dived from a cliff about 5 p.m. Tuesday, a Glen Canyon National Recreation Area statement said.

Witnesses said Sharife attempted to backflip from a 30-foot cliff; he struck the water on his stomach, went under and didn't resurface, the statement said.

Rescuers used an underwater remote-operated vessel equipped with a camera and retractable arm. Sharife's body was found at a depth of 273 feet, the statement said.

This is the fourth fatality on the lake this season and the second cliff-diving or -jumping related death, the statement said.