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Obituary: Gladys Elkins Bowling

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Gladys "Allene" Elkins Bowling passed away on Sunday, July 15, 2001 in South Valley Health Center in Salt Lake City, Utah at the age of 87 years.

She was born on August 18, 1913 in Manning, Virginia to James David

Elkins and Carrie Etter Wheeler. She was the last survivor of four children. They were: Lena Davis (deceased), Vivian Bender (deceased) and James "Buz" Elkins (deceased). Allene was of the Catholic faith.

She resided with her spouse, John J. A. Bowling (also a previous teacher at Annapolis Sr. High School) and five stepchildren for 10 years until her spouse passed away. She retired to Roanoke, Virginia to reside with her sister, Vivian Bender. The last five years of her life were spent with her stepdaughter, Stella, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Her survivors are: stepchildren: Stella B. Pitt, Salt Lake City, UT; James J. Bowling, Lawrenceville, GA; John J. Bowling, Arlington, VA;

William Joseph Bowling, Annapolis, MD. Also Frank J. Bowling (whereabouts unknown). Also six grandchildren, Celange Sanchez, Keva Ford, Vanessa, Martell-Rodriguez, Ian J. Bowling, Kendra Cox, Austin, TX; Tamara Tupper, Boerne, TX; and three great-grandchildren.

She graduated from Richlands High School in 1930. She attended State Teacher's College of Radford, VA. and graduated with a B.S. in Education in 1943. She attended Columbia University in NYC, NY and graduated with a Master of Arts in 1945.

As a teacher she began teaching at the age of 16 in the Richlands /Bluefield areas of Virginia. She continued her teaching career at Radford College and moved to Maryland to teach at Annapolis Sr. High School from the late 1950's to about 1973 where she retired.

There will be a graveside service at Hankins Cemetery in Cedar Bluff, VA. The date of August 11 has been tentatively set.