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Provo 911 office wants addresses verified

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PROVO — Provo 911 dispatch officials are concerned they were given a number of incorrect addresses by AT&T.

"We believe the problem has been corrected, but we want to be absolutely certain," said Dana Ferre, Provo 911 communications supervisor.

City dispatch is requesting Provo residents who have recently changed telephone providers to call 911 as a test.

To prevent an overload, residents should call on their assigned day:

Monday: residents with last names A through H;

Tuesday: residents with last names I through P;

Thursday: residents with last names Q through Z.

"We don't usually have people call 911 to test their information, but this is a special circumstance," Ferre said.

Meanwhile, AT&T officials are working to get to the bottom of the incorrect information.

"We are having an audit of all addresses," said Barbara Shelley, an AT&T spokesperson.

The mistakes were due to human error, Shelley said.

The problem was discovered when a woman called 911 about a fire.

Her correct phone number but an incorrect address showed up on the dispatcher's screen, and firefighters went to the wrong house.

Emergency officials later discovered 11 other incorrect addresses, all of whom recently had signed up for phone services with AT&T Broadband.