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Go on wedding cruise — without fiance

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Dear Abby: My fiancé won't marry me on July 18 because it's his former wife's birthday. He says he doesn't want to hurt her. We would be on a Hawaiian cruise, and the 18th is the day we will be in Waimanalo Bay for the wedding. I didn't pick the date on purpose. He says no and also says I don't "get it."

Why is he so able to hurt me? — Hurt 2 the Core

Dear Hurt: He's able to hurt you because you refuse to accept the message he's sending. A man who is more concerned about his ex-wife's feelings than his fiancé is not fully committed to marrying.

If the tickets are paid for, go on the cruise yourself and take a friend. Send him a postcard on the 18th. Tell him you finally "got it" and, for better or for worse, "Aloha!"

Dear Abby: In response to the question from "Getting Pesky Over Pollen" about how many times it's necessary to say "God bless you" after someone sneezes, I offer the following:

My son, Brian, was in high school math class. He sneezed, and the instructor said "Gesundheit" (health). When Brian sneezed several times more, the math teacher said, "Gesundheit squared." — Patti Fairchild Bartee

Dear Patti: Chalk one up for the teacher.

- Confidential to Mom and Dad in Beverly Hills: Wishing you a happy, healthy 62nd anniversary. No daughter could wish for more devoted and loving role models for a successful union. — Jeanne

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