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Amaechi mulling over proposed Jazz deal

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The Jazz made a multi-year contract offer to John Amaechi on Wednesday, and it was one the free agent from Orlando seemed to like.

"We're kind of thinking it over, and I think it's something that could happen," Amaechi's agent, Bill Sweek, said late Wednesday afternoon. "There's a good chance, but it's not done. We just have to think about it a little longer."

Financial terms of the proposal were not disclosed, but it's believed the first season of the deal is valued at less than the approximately $4.5 million midlevel salary cap exception the Jazz are permitted to pay.

Still, the numbers were satisfactory enough that Sweek said Amaechi probably would "sleep on" the offer Wednesday night.

"I think they're in the ballpark," Sweek said on the first day of the summer that NBA teams were permitted to sign free agents.

The agent said his client had narrowed his free-agent options to three teams: Utah, Chicago and Orlando.

Amaechi, 30, is a 6-foot-10 center-forward from Penn State who has played in the NBA for Cleveland and Orlando, and in Europe for teams in France, Greece, Italy and Great Britain.