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Febrile-convulsive kids do well on memory tests

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A study of 87 children ages 7 to 8 with a history of confirmed febrile convulsion found that the children performed consistently better than controls in working memory tests. Published July 10 in Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology, the study found that children in the study demonstrated better mnemonic capacity, more flexible mental processing and were more impulsive than others of their age.

The test was undertaken at a pediatrics department in Taiwan to determine whether febrile convulsions in early childhood was associated with working memory deficits in school-age children.

The researchers say more study is needed but suggest that biological factors, not seizures, are the significant risk factor for neurocognitive disadvantage in children with a history of the convulsions.

And they noted that convulsion onset before age 1 is a significant risk factor for greater deficits in mnemonic function such as learning tasks and delayed recognition.