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Beware of illegal aliens

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Will Bettman's article focuses on the threat of terrorism at the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games — a worthy subject and well-written article. But one threat that he didn't mention may call upon the best from more than the small number of 24 men in the SERT team — the threat of terrorists who could easily come across the Mexican border.

We do so little to control the flow of illegal aliens across our southern border that we are easy marks for the more sophisticated terrorists who are undoubtedly making plans to capitalize on easy entry from Mexico. Unless we do something soon to control this flow, we will be subject to acts of violence that we've never seen the likes of before.

I hope that our president and Congress do something more than legalize the flow of Mexican truck convoys and making illegals eligible for lower college tuition. If they don't act soon, we will all live (and die) in regret.

Robert Davis

Salt Lake City