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Hansen proposal off mark

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I am once again embarrassed as a constituent of Rep. Jim Hansen. As other Republicans across the country are defecting from the "drill our monuments and refuges" portion of the White House energy plan, Hansen chooses to sponsor the plan himself in the House of Representatives.

I was very impressed by the heartfelt remarks given by the Gwitchin in Nation woman that visited Utah. She expressed how important the caribou have been to her people's way of life for 12,000 years and how the refuge was so sacred to them that they never go there, even in times of famine.

Years ago, settlers drove off the native people because they wanted their land. Today, it is happening once again because we want the oil. The American people have recently demonstrated that they desire our most sensitive, pristine areas protected from energy development.

Mr. Hansen, by including drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in his energy bill, is truly a "Dead Plan Walking." Congress will vote it down, and once again the 1st District of Utah will look foolish and hard-hearted. When is this going to end?

Rebecca Ciccone