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This week in Church history

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50 years ago

In his first visit to the Pacific Northwest since becoming president of the Church four months earlier, President David O. McKay counseled members concerning joy, according to a report in the July 25, 1951, Church News.

President McKay began Sunday, July 22, 1951, in Hood River, Ore., where he dedicated a meetinghouse. The meeting was attended by more than 800 members from Washington and Oregon.

Later in the day, President McKay traveled further down the Columbia River Gorge on his way to Portland, Ore., where he spoke to members in an evening meeting.

He told them, "Joy of soul is eternal. It is the end and design of love. It comes from within and not from without."

The Church News article continued: "President McKay listed as first among the conditions of real happiness the having of a clear conscience, born of righteous living, upright of character, honesty in dealing with one's fellowmen."

Later, the article quoted President McKay: "The character you make of yourself and the service you will give will determine the reward of your life here and hereafter. Let us all distinguish between joy and the pleasure the world is seeking through indulgences in the vain hope of finding joy and happiness."