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1,200 horses? Neigh!

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The horse parade was advertised in the official publications of Days of '47, Inc. and in the supplement to the Tribune and the Deseret News of July 8 as "one of the largest all-horse parades in the nation with over 1,200 horses." This statement is the mother of all exaggerations. There were just 308 horses in the parade! The officials must have counted legs instead of horses. This huge discrepancy between ad and fact is not new. It goes back many years.

I would assume that by now someone in the committee or the reporting press would have figured out that 1,200 horses in less than one hour would mean that over 20 horses had to pass the spectators every minute. Well, it takes about four times as long, and 1,200 horses would require a parade of nearly four hours.

Not only are the numbers wrong, the parade itself seems to diminish in color and excitement. This may have to do with location. Horses coming down West Temple in front of the Salt Palace provided a much more festive and exciting atmosphere than what we experience now.

Armin P. Langheinrich

Salt Lake City