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Doctor did his best

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I am writing to say that I think it is a real shame how Dr. Robert Weitzel has been cheated out of a fair trial by those prosecutors in Davis County. You would think that after they were told by a medical authority that they had no case, they would never have taken it to trial in the first place. Especially since the medical authority was recommended by one of their own experts.

It seems obvious that the doctor was only doing the best he could, given a bad situation. The way I see it, he talked to the relatives of these demented, really sick patients and told them they were in a bad way and asked if they wanted to keep on with all the medical care, or just stop, and let them die in peace. That's not active euthanasia. I've seen those charts on the Internet, and not one of those people died right away after being started on morphine. How can that be murder? Those lawyers ought to get out of trying to practice medicine. When I die I want to be allowed to die in peace. I don't want a bunch of lawyers telling the doctor how much medicine I can have if I need it to prevent a lot of pain at the end.

Now that the judge has overturned the trial where the prosecutors cheated, I think that should be the end of it. I see where the lawyers are in hot water for what they did. To let them keep on hassling the doctor is not fair. It seems like they're just persecuting the man, now. What a travesty of justice.

Dean Bradshaw

Salt Lake City