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2 enter a burning home, save unconscious man

SHARE 2 enter a burning home, save unconscious man

MURRAY — A pair of firefighters saved an unconscious man in his burning apartment Saturday afternoon.

At 3 p.m. crews responded to the apartment fire, and firefighters Jon Harris and Kevin Fellion entered the building to look for any trapped residents, Murray Fire Department spokesman Jesse Valenzuela said.

As the two crawled along the floor of a smoky bedroom, they spotted a leg wedged between a bed and the wall. The pair were able to grab hold of the man, 38, and drag him from the building, 171 E. 4500 South.

Outside, fire crews revived the man, who was transported to St. Mark's hospital to be treated for first- and second-degree burns as well as smoke inhalation, Valenzuela said.

The fire, which was contained to one bedroom, was started when the man fell asleep while smoking a cigarette in bed, Valenzuela said.