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Legacy Highway will hurt

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I am writing to express my opinion about the proposed Legacy Highway. If the Legacy Highway is built, there will be significant negative results.

When more roads are built, there is an increase in traffic, which produces a heightened air-pollution level. The Salt Lake Valley does not need more pollution, and the Legacy Highway is a sure way to get more.

The pollution also would affect the animals, plants and microorganisms of the Great Salt Lake. The pollutants from vehicles would seep into the cycles of their lives, creating interference and eventually killing off species. The Great Salt Lake ecosystem is a valuable and essential part of this valley. It is important to care for and respect it.

If we examine the real effects of the Legacy Highway on the environment, we will see that it is not worth destroying a natural area just so we can have another highway. The Great Salt Lake wetlands are irreplaceable.

Valerie Swartz

Salt Lake City