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Utah has its problems

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I can agree with the gentleman from Murray regarding his letter to the editor titled "LDS are asset to Utah" — to a point. Utah is a beautiful place to live, and we have a lot of cultural events to enjoy.

However, his emphasis on the alcohol and tobacco issue make me question his level of responsible thinking. Utah is among the highest in the country in prescription drug abuse, child and spousal abuse. Reasoning behind it is people have more children than they can afford and are frustrated, taking it out on their family. Are these not much greater offenses to be concerned with than if someone has a drink or a smoke?

For the record, I do not smoke and very seldom have a drink. It is offensive to be dictated to or ridiculed for exercising one's rights. The thing that would really make Utah great is if we could all respect one another, as well as everybody's freedom to their

own belief and stop being so judgmental. Just be kind to one another.

Being judgmental is not going to win anyone over to your way of thinking. The secret is kindness and love as Jesus has shown us.

Carol Lynn Nenow

Salt Lake City