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Eagle Mountain fills council seat

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EAGLE MOUNTAIN — Eagle Mountain's City Council can't be accused of doing things behind closed doors.

To fill a new seat on the council created by the town's recent upgrade to third-class city, Mayor Paul Bond and the four current council members publicly interviewed the five applicants for the new seat.

The applicants were interviewed in front of Eagle Mountain residents attending Tuesday's City Council meeting.

After hearing pitches from the five, the council appointed Mark Lofgren as the new member. Lofgren will fill the seat through the end of the year. The seat will be included in this fall's municipal election.

All five applicants have filed to run in November, one seeking the mayor's post.

Lofgren, who also sits as head of Eagle Mountain's telecommunications board, said he wants to focus his efforts on amending the city's general plan to include specific plans about roads and population growth.

Unsuccessful applicant Vince Liddiard plans to run for mayor. He sought appointment to the five-month council seat hoping to get a little experience for his mayoral bid.

Liddiard said the few months of service would have provided great experience. But, he said, he now has free rein to criticize the council during elections.

Some residents were not happy with Lofgren's appointment. Lofgren lives in the same neighborhood as the mayor and two other council members.

The applicants were asked what they saw as the city's biggest problem and what they would do to correct it.

All the candidates — with the exception of Lofgren — cited the city's lack of vision for the future as its main problem.

Lofgren cited the need for better roads and preparation for an eventual population growth.

The four City Council members and the mayor cast ballots with the name of their top choice. Lofgren received three votes and was sworn in by the city recorder directly after his appointment and took a seat at the table with the rest of the council.

Liddiard was named on one ballot and Brett Olsen on the other.

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