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World datelines


PHNOM PENH — The Senate unanimously approved revised legislation for the creation of a U.N.-assisted genocide tribunal of surviving Khmer Rouge leaders blamed for the deaths of 1.7 million Cambodians. Lawmakers in the upper house voted 51-0 in favor of a minor revision to a law passed earlier this year, now specifying life imprisonment as the heaviest penalty the proposed court could hand out.


BEIJING — The trial of a U.S.-based scholar whom China accuses of espionage will begin four days before a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. Bai Xuebiao, a lawyer for Gao Zhan, said Beijing's No. 1 Intermediate People's Court notified him Friday that it would try Gao on Tuesday. The timing suggests that China was hoping to stop Gao's case from clouding Powell's visit on Saturday.


LONDON — A conference that could end a 15-year ban on commercial whaling opened Monday with delegates ready for a fight that pits environmental concerns against an appetite for lucrative whale meat.


POTTSDAM — The wife of German industrialist Oskar Schindler was hospitalized in critical condition Monday, her doctor said, delaying plans for her move to a retirement home in southern Germany. Plans to transport Emilie Schindler, 94, to a retirement home in the southern state of Bavaria had been put on hold.


ATHENS — Anti-globalization protesters, including a group named after an activist killed by police in Genoa, staged two firebomb attacks in Athens on Monday, police said. One device was placed outside a bank and the other outside a research center. Both were made of small gas canisters and caused little damage and no injuries, police said.


KINGSTON — The bodies of 13 people killed during recent political violence were lowered into a mass grave as thousands of mourners sang and danced, and a marching band played on. At least 28 people died in three days of unrest that erupted on July 7, when police moved in to search for guns in a home for the elderly near Tivoli Gardens — a stronghold of the opposition Jamaica Labor Party.


TETOVO — Government forces and ethnic Albanian guerrillas fought around a flashpoint town for a second successive day on Monday, further straining a fragile 18-day cease-fire patched back together on Sunday.


KATMANDU — Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has appealed to Maoist rebels to halt their violence as a first step toward peace talks after a bloody night in which guerrillas gunned down at least 17 policemen. His call came after police said rebels killed at least 17 policemen in an attack late on Sunday on a police post in Pandusen village in the remote, mountainous Bajura district.

Northern Ireland

BELFAST — Suspected Protestant extremists threw a pipe bomb at a Catholic-occupied home southwest of Belfast early Monday, the latest in a string of such attempts to intimidate Northern Ireland's minority community. The blast in Derriaghy, a mostly Protestant suburb, injured nobody but blew open the front door and damaged the roof.


ISLAMABAD — Opposition troops made modest gains following heavy fighting against the Taliban militia on Monday, an opposition spokesman said. After three hours of fighting, the opposition captured a village near Hajaghar, he said.

Papua New Guinea

PORT MORESBY — Parliament reconvened Monday after a seven-month break that saw soldiers mutiny and police shoot protesting students. The session lasted for just 15 minutes.


MANILA — President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo appealed for unity Monday as she outlined plans to fight poverty, corruption and crime and promised results within 12 months.


MOSCOW — Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov's office harshly rebuffed requests for permission to hold a Gay Pride parade, saying Monday that such an event would amount to "propaganda of dissipation."


CATANIA — Ash spewing from Mount Etna forced residents of this city to use umbrellas as they walked outside Monday.


MADRID — The government of Spain's Basque country, a region rocked by separatist violence for three decades, plans to hold a referendum on independence within the next two years, the Spanish daily ABC reported.