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Stem-cell research helps

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I would publicly like to state my opinion on stem-cell research. Some people oppose stem-cell research and the opportunity for it to receive federal funding.

My daughter Sierra, at the age of 4, was diagnosed with diabetes. She and many other children suffering from this disease are true heroes.

As a parent, I ask those of you who oppose stem-cell research if you have ever had to poke your child's fingers several times a day? Have you ever had to draw up three or four shots to give your child each day? Do you have to measure your child's food or continually count every carbohydrate they eat?

Do you have to get up in the middle of the night several times to make sure your child hasn't gone into a coma? Do you have to worry every time your child leaves your house that the phone might ring and your child has had a seizure at school?

To oppose stem-cell research is like asking someone to suffer needlessly. If it were you suffering from any disease, would you feel differently?

Stem-cell research can provide us with vital information to find cures for diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and cancer. I applaud Sen. Hatch for his efforts to try and take care of the many people suffering from these diseases.

I am not in favor of abortion; however, I am in favor of using otherwise discarded cells to help find a cure for my little girl.

Jill Thompson