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Stem-cell research wrong

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Sen. Orrin Hatch and many others believe stem-cell research is pro-life and pro-family. Many are talking as though this is the savior of all ills with the inference that anyone getting in the way is a Nazi.

Taking extra unused fertilized eggs that would otherwise be discarded and using them for research still has some ethical problems. Just because a fertilized egg is legally discarded doesn't mean it's morally correct. Chances are that any number of those fertilized eggs no longer needed could be viable lives. Whether or not there are little arms or legs, etc., is not the point; once an egg is fertilized it is on the course to becoming a human, it is wrong to determine it can be eliminated, any more than we can determine that life's value beyond birth.

World War II Nazi Germany and Japanese governments were able to perform medical experiments upon people they had popularly dehumanized, whether they were Poles, Gypsies, Jews, Chinese or American POWs in the Pacific. Much advanced scientific information was garnered from these experiments, which we all benefit from today.

It is easy to trivialize and even compromise the life of something we can't see or hear in the womb, even more so when it's the size of a grain of sand outside of the body in a petri dish.

If we all abdicate that inner sense we all have, or may have had at one time, that told us right from wrong, what else can we compromise? How far down the slippery road of rationalization are we capable?

Bruce B. Allen

Salt Lake City