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Local births

Cottonwood Hospital

BENNION, Charly and Dean, West Jordan, twin girls, July 13

BURGESS, Donna and Mark, Riverton, boy, July 15

CHISOLM, Jayne and Beirne, Salt Lake City, boy, July 15

CLARK, Steffanie and Scott, Sandy, girl, July 14

DAVIS, Kristina and Johnie, Magna, girl, July 13

DURRANT, Melanie and Val, Murray, boy, July 13

EWELL, Heather and OLSEN, Jeff, Taylorsville, boy, July 14

FLORES, Michael and Misty, Sandy, boy, July 13

HARDY, Jennifer and Patrick, Clearfield, boy, July 14

JENSEN, Kylee and Scott, Taylorsville, boy, July 15

JONES, Emily and Phillip, Midvale, boy, July 13

ROBERSON, Allison and Scott, West Jordan, boy, July 13

ROBINSON, Jodi and Christian, Sandy, boy, July 15

ROSE, Kimberly and Michael, Grantsville, girl, July 13

SARGENT, Nicole and Nathan, Coalville, girl, July 14

SHAW, Lori and WILLIAMS, Dee, West Valley City, boy, July 15

URQUIJO, Julia and Federico, Salt Lake City, boy, July 13

McKay-Dee Hospital

BARDWELL, Amanda and Matthew Ezekiel, Roy, girl, July 8

BLAKELEY, Jackie and Dustin, Ogden, boy, July 7

BOYD, Camille, Layton, boy, July 9

BYBEE, Clarissa and Corey, Clearfield, girl, July 10

CALDERON, Norma, Ogden, girl, July 6

CUEVAS, Rebecca and Jose, Ogden, girl, July 6

DAVIS, Jessica and Jesse, Ogden, boy, July 10

ESQUIVEL, Ratana and Joed, West Jordan, boy, July 7

HEINER, Melissa and Brad, Ogden, girl, July 10

HEPNER, Tina and Brandon, Ogden, boy, July 10

HILLIARD, Kami and David, Clearfield, girl, July 10

HOSLEY, Mardee and Jeffrey, Roy, boy, July 8

HURST, Cristen and Dennis, Layton, girl, July 8

JUNG, Elizabeth and August Larry, Farmington, boy, July 9

LARSEN, Crystal and William, Ogden, boy, July 10

MELLOTT, Melissa and Ryan David, Roy, boy, July 8

METCAFF, Cynthia and Russell, Layton, girl, July 7

O'CONNOR, Mandy, Clearfield, girl, July 6

OATES, Syliva, Ogden, girl, July 7

OLSEN, Barbara, Ogden, boy, July 6

PARKER, Lori and CARTER, Jeffrey Robert, Ogden, boy, June 11

RAMOS, Misty and Reggie, Ogden, girl, July 10

ROLOW, Jennifer, Ogden, girl, July 6

SAUCEDO, Veronica and Gaspar, Ogden, boy, July 10

SCHWEBACH, Lisa and Adam, Layton, boy, July 10

SHUPE, Lisa and Brian, Ogden, girl, July 9

SMITH, Angie and Steven, Ogden, boy, July 10

SMITH, Tina M. and Kurtis J., Clearfield, girl, July 6

SNOW, Crystal and Brandon, Ogden, boy, July 10

SUGIHARA, Patricia and D. Troy, Ogden, boy, July 9

VOGEL, Clarissa and John, Ogden, girl, July 6

WHITTEN, Donna and Scott, Ogden, girl, July 6

WILLIAMS, Melanie and Theron, Roy, boy, July 9

WILSON, Amy and Bryan, Morgan, girl, July 9

WITBECK, Nicole, Clinton, boy, July 10

YORGASON, Christine and Justin, Ogden, boy, July 10

St. Mark's Hospital

BLACKHAM, Dana Rae and Kevin Scott, Holladay-Cottonwood, girl, July 10

BRUNEAU, Carol Joann and Cass Emerson, Salt Lake City, boy, July 9

DeHERRERA, Eugenia Michelle and David, West Jordan, girl, July 7

EGGETT, Amanda Nicole and Matthew Robert, Grantsville, boy, July 9

ELDREDGE, Lynette and Christopher Lee, Murray, girl, July 5

FARMER, Jennifer and Ryan Mitchell, Salt Lake City, girl, July 7

FINAI, Pona and Faalili Louis, Salt Lake City, boy, July 8

GARN, Rebecca Dawn and Kevin Hayes, Taylorsville, girl, July 5

GLAD, Betty LaVon and Talmadge Eugene, Taylorsville, boy, July 9

GONZALEZ, Brooke Violet and Pablo Jr., West Jordan, girl, July 5

HOWARD-EDER, Michelle and EDER, Robert Anthony Jr., West Jordan, boy, July 8

IZZO, Christina Gunnell, Drew Christopher, Sandy, boy, July 9

KIMBALL, Raelyn Kay and Brent Griffith, Riverton, boy, July 8

LYMAN, Shanda Dianne Janeen and Erik Mackinnon, Salt Lake City, boy, July 7

MARTIN, Cassandra and Cory Ray, Salt Lake City, Boy, July 9

MOSLEY, Shayann and James Curtis, Draper, boy, July 10

OSBORNE, Carlie Ann and William Therman, Salt Lake City, girl, July 9

PETTIT, Laura Jean and Daina Lee, Salt Lake City, boy, July 5

RIRIE, Irina Anatolieva and Ronald Bruce, West Jordan, girl, July 7

SCHOW, Amylia Beth, West Jordan, girl, July 5

SIMMONS, Lynette and David Lewis, Salt Lake City, girl, July 8

SMITH, Amanda Cumy and Randall Duane, Woods Cross, girl, July 5

WALKER, Rachel Jean and Richard Leonard, West Valley City, girl, July 8

WALLOP, Jozette and WALL, David, Sandy, girl, July 8

WYATT, Kristina Marie and WOLFE, Jason, Coalville, girl, July 9

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

AGUAYO, Maria Luisa and Humberto, Provo, girl, July 10

ALLEN, Nicole and Ryial Clement, Genola, girl, July 10

BARCLAY, Tuesdee and Michael Benjamin, Ephriam, girl, July 9

BENTETI, Kristi Lee and Beretiata Tonaeka, Provo, girl, July 6

BIGGS, Shalon and David Mark, Spanish Fork, boy, July 10

BURNINGHAM, Nani Leilani and Jared William, Provo, girl, July 9

CALL, Sue Ellen and Steven Earl, Orem, girl, July 8

CERVANTES, Maria Ester and Antonio, Provo, boy, July 9

CLARK, Tracey Angela and Timothy Richard Sr., Alpine, girl, July 6

CONFORTO, Natalie and Jason Aaron, Provo, boy, July 9

COX, Tara Ann and Kevin Lowery, Nephi, boy, July 6

DAHLIN, Melanie Gay and Samuel Kenneth, Provo, girl, July 9

DANIELSON, Angela Teresa and Steven Roy, Provo, girl, July 9

DISCHER, Stephanie Ann and Wade Franklin, Heber, girl, July 10

EVELYN, Reyna Kaye and Robert Scott, Lindon, boy, July 7

FLORES, Elsy and VALDOVINOS, Jose, Santaquin, boy, July 8

FLORINDO, Gabriella Lourdes and NATYNCZYK, Pablo Alfredo, Orem, girl, July 10

FRANCIS, Heather Ann and Morgan Howard, Cedar Hills, girl, July 10

FRUIT, Annette Marie and Brian Morris, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 10

GALE, Deborah Dawn and Jason Kesler, Orem, girl, July 8

GEE, Sharon Kathleen and John Laurence, Provo, girl, July 7

HANSON, Julie Ann and Scot Alan, Provo, girl, July 10

HASLEM, Natalie Lynn and Bryce D., Orem, boy, July 6

HEILBUT, Marie Quinn and Arden Lee, Mapleton, boy, July 6

JEFFERS, Ashlee Lynn and Matthew Carl, Spanish Fork, boy, July 10

JONES, Brooke and Alonzo James, Sevier, boy, July 6

KLEIN, Victoria Suzanne and Kory Dayton, Orem, boy, July 9

KLINE, C. Jlayne and Christopher N., Provo, girl, July 9

KLINGER, Marianne and Ken Lemoyne, Orem, boy, July 10

LIIDAA, Saintuya and TSERENDOO, Enkhbat, Provo, boy, July 6

LOADER, Laurie Ann and Todd P., Mapleton, girl, July 9

LUEKENGA, Allyson and Richard Layne Jr., Springville, girl, July 7

MORLEY, Krystin and Michael Teri, Spanish Fork, boy, July 10

MORLOCK, Cori Eileen and Mark Aaron, Elk Ridge, boy, July 9

MURDOCK, Michele Anita and Douglas Calvin, Heber, boy, July 6

NIELSEN, Roxanne and Tracy Frank, Richfield, girl, July 10

OTTLEY, Jill and Richard Kent, American Fork, boy, July 7

PYNE, Stephanie Nina and Erik Thomas, Provo, girl, July 10

STEVENS, Kimber Lee and Faustin Riley, Provo, girl, July 9

STITT, Edinalva and Jonathan Robert, Provo, boy, July 6

UDALL, Heidi Marie and Cord McKay, Provo, girl, July 8

WALKER, Amy and Daniel Kory, Orem, girl, July 7

WALLACE, Megan and Damon Drew, Orem, girl, July 10

WEBB, Keri Lavon and Rex Bretton, Provo, boy, July 7

WHITTAKER, Jolyn and Mark David, Orem, girl, July 9