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A closer look at General Ameri*550 AS tire

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A look at the General Ameri*550 AS tire that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating.

— Manufacturer: Continental Tire North America, a division of Germany's Continental AG, makes the tire at its plant in Mt. Vernon, Ill.

— Size: P235/70R16, meaning it is a light truck tire that is 16 inches in diameter.

— Number: 2.7 million produced since April 1995.

— Problem: Some consumers have complained that the tread can separate from the tire. There have been reports of 17 injuries, but no deaths, because of the problem.

— Vehicles: Many of the tires were sold as original equipment on the Ford F150 pickup. Ford also used the tire as a replacement in its Firestone tire recall on Ranger and F-series trucks.