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Cancer center top-notch

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We are living in a time of unparalleled medical research and advances that have opened pathways to health and healing only dreamt of a decade ago. Indeed, the questions asked are often as compelling as the answers themselves, as witnessed by the current debate on stem-cell research.

But one need remains unfailingly certain regardless of the nuts and bolts of science: the need for compassionate and nurturing health care by our nation's medical establishment. Beneath the staggering heap of insurance-related issues lies the clear and focused goal of healing the nation's sick — and doing it in a manner that edifies the patient and enhances the remedy.

For accomplishing this very treasured and needful goal, I would like to gratefully acknowledge the medical staff, employees and volunteers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. From its very address, 2000 Circle of Hope, to the cheerful greeting of the receptionists, one feels upon entering this beautiful facility that profound dedication and caring occur here on a daily basis. As a patient, I have come to regard the Huntsman Center as a model in health care because of the high commitment so graciously demonstrated by the doctors, infusion nurses and other equally dedicated employees. This is the true atmosphere of healing.

I am certain there are many more wonderful caregivers in our hospitals and clinics but would especially like to commend the Huntsman Center for putting it all together in a such an exemplary manner.

Cathryn R. Manning

Salt Lake City