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Rock on . . .

Cultural exchange

He's smart, charismatic, glib — and best of all, he can score from 15 feet. What's more, John Amaechi is the sort of trouble-free citizen the Jazz prefer.

Still, he better not cop a high-falutin' English attitude with cowboy Karl Malone.

Here's assuming Malone remains devoted to country music and Amaechi remains devoted to Tennyson. But who knows? Maybe Malone will start taking tea in the afternoon and Amaechi will start wearing a silver belt buckle the size of Rhode Island.

Did the Jazz get better last week? Maybe.

Did they expand their horizons?

No doubt about it.

Anything less would be uncivilized.

Above and beyond

Odd man out in the Amaechi acquisition is probably Olden Polynice, who told Deseret News writer Tim Buckley this week, "Everything that was asked of me by the Jazz, I did — and beyond."


I don't remember them asking him to impersonate an officer or shoot 26 percent from the free throw line.

Significant loss

Still, O.P. will be missed.

He is accommodating and entertaining with the media. He isn't one to dodge questions by hiding out in the training room.

As a duly accredited media member, I'd rather have a talker than a scorer any day.

Thanks for the quotes, O.P.

If we don't see you next year in Salt Lake, we'll be watching you on "Cops."

Think tank

Amaechi says he's not into nightlife, so Salt Lake is fine with him.

He'd just as soon be browsing a bookstore.

Which brings up a thought: Too bad Stanford man Adam Keefe or Dartmouth grad Walt Palmer aren't still around.

You can never have too many Mensa Society members on your club.

Giants walking the earth

It's a little unsettling to have Amaechi referring to himself as a Loch Ness monster.

Just what they need at center — another dinosaur.

Investing in the future

Speaking of dinosaurs, Larry H. Miller told Fox-13 this summer that paying Greg Ostertag $6 million a year isn't an ideal situation.

"Yeah, I'd like to have that money to spend someplace else . . . " said Miller.

Like, for instance, investing in a typewriter factory?

Rack time

O.P. added that he could grab two or three rebounds in his sleep.

Maybe that was the problem.

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