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Stop pointing fingers

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Stephen Morgan may be an attorney and able to speak intelligently about the law. Let me speak compassionately about another human being who made a mistake.

There was public outcry over the sentencing of Paul Wayment. My first response was questioning the "deterring" factor in the sentencing. The next time I contemplate leaving my child in the car unattended, I am not going to think about the jail time I could serve but the possible endangerment or death of my child. That for me is a deterrent.

My criticism of the judge was before the suicide of Paul Wayment. There was no time for an outcry of the public. Wayment was dead before there could be one. I have no doubt the judge had only the best of intentions. The human factor exists on the bench as it did with Wayment ten months ago.

Perhaps in hindsight we all would make different choices. Unfortunately that luxury is not afforded to us.

I will not be so shallow as to place blame on any certain individual as no one should. The facts of the case Mr. Morgan addresses are irrelevant. The tragedy is over except for those who are left to live with it.

My prayers are with Paul and those who are left to sort out the missing pieces. Let's let them heal by trying not to exonerate or vilify anyone in this tragedy.

Nikki Richards