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Living by the scriptures

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Or do ye suppose that the Lord will still deliver us, while we sit upon our thrones and do not make use of the means which the Lord has provided for us?

Alma 60:21

While my family and I were serving a mission at Adam-ondi-Ahman, Mo., I tried to find ways of making the scriptures come more alive for me. I felt a greater desire than ever before to find personal meaning in what I was reading. I began re-writing favorite passages of scripture in a journal, by replacing the third person, "they" to first person "I" or "me," when the substitution seemed appropriate.

One night I was reading the Book of Mormon in Alma chapters 59-60 where general Moroni had asked Pahoran, chief judge and governor of Zarahemla, to strengthen the forces of Helaman, as they faced battles with the Lamanites. Moroni complained to Pahoran of the governor's apathy and lack of support for the armies in the field. Unbeknown to Moroni, Pahoran was fighting insurrection at home.

As I made the word substitutions — do "I" suppose that the Lord will still deliver "me," while "I" sit upon "my" throne and do not make use of the means which the Lord has provided for "me" — I suddenly realized that the Lord cannot bless me if I fail to act upon spiritual promptings by not using the talents and gifts with which I have been blessed to serve those around me who stand in need.

I keep this scripture close by me as a reminder that I need to always be moving forward and serving diligently, and not allow apathy to enter my heart.

— Harriet Sutherland, Kennewick, Wash.

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