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Shoshone exhibit at heritage center

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WELLSVILLE, Cache County — The Old American West was also the Old Shoshone West. And now the two groups have gotten together.

Last week at The American West Heritage Center in Wellsville, members of the Northwest Band of Shoshones dedicated a re-creation of a typical Shoshone encampment. The encampment depicts the dwelling of one hunting-gathering family. Original foliage, tools and other elements were included.

"If you were to travel back in time to 1830 this would not have been an unusual sight to see," said Reece Summers, curator for the center.

Added Patty Timbimboo-Madsen, the tribe's cultural resource specialist, "We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to preserve our heritage."

Currently, the site is staffed by two interpreters who will educate visitors about the Shoshone way of life.

The heritage center is located on U.S. 89/91, six miles south of Logan. Call 1-800-225-FEST or visit the Web site at ( www.americanwestcenter.org).