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Don’t blame hug therapy

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I would encourage the Deseret News to investigate further the issues of holding therapy. Unfortunately, it appears that the media, once again, has not followed through on statements made to verify their validity.

First, both deaths did not occur as a result of holding therapy. In Colorado, they used rebirthing, a technique that has nothing to do with holding therapy, and they made huge mistakes — covering up a child so she could not be monitored, covering her face with pillows, etc. This is irresponsible and dangerous as was obvious in the aftermath.

The Lee Tibbets situation was a case of an abusive man trying to get out of trouble by saying he was using "holding therapy." Abusing your wife until she needs to run from the house and call 911, pushing and hurting a child when there are others in the room who were warning him he was going too far and blaming a therapy he was not trained in nor had participated in therapeutically for quite some time is simply an excuse for a man out of control.

Second, to say that the clinics in Utah are not completely up front about what is involved is also a misstatement — again made by someone who has made no effort to contact the clinics involved or the parents who utilize those clinics. I also see that there are no statements made by the clinicians themselves.

As a parent of severely emotionally disabled children, I am grateful for the help we have received via "hug" therapy and would invite you to come witness one of our sessions so that you can see exactly what is involved.

Charly Risenmay

Cedar Fort