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Social Security flip-flop

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The problem-solving ability of congressional Democrats is truly remarkable. Less than three months ago Americans were told that if Congress passed the President's tax-cut package, Social Security would be insolvent in no more than 15 years.

We were told by the House Minority Leader, Dickie Gephardt, that there was no need to worry over Social Security inasmuch as it had funding sufficient to keep the program solvent for at least 25 years. Think of that; our heroes have in just the last few months found the trillions of dollars necessary to extend the life of Social Security for an additional 10 years.

I must confess that the credibility of (Senate Majority Leader Tom) Daschle and Gephardt on this issue is suspect. I found it a bit confusing as to how the findings of the bipartisan commission of Social Security could be dismissed with little more than a wave of the hand.

Although politicians don't like to think that the American people have any individual or collective memory on issue rhetoric, wasn't it William Jefferson Clinton who laid out the funding woes of Social Security in his State of the Union message in 1999? Aren't his warnings remarkably consistent with the findings of the Social Security Commission?

However, because we now have a new president the issue has suddenly been solved in the minds of Gephardt and Daschle.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist's intellect to predict that Tommy and Dickie will demagogue the Social Security issue. Hopefully their public comments on the issue will come back to haunt them in the same way as Gary Condit's lies have destroyed his credibility.

John B. Stohlton