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Local births

American Fork Hospital-

ARMSTRONG, Quinette and Brian Glen, Lehi, boy, June 13.

BLACKERBY, Shannon Llyn and Paul Scott, West Jordan, girl, June 11.

COLES, Tiffany Ann and David Evans, Eagle Mountain, girl, June 11.

CONOVER, Melanie and John Robert, West Jordan, boy, June 13.

DRINKWATER, Mary and Peter Jay, Provo, girl, June 12.

GILES, Jessicca Marrie and Robert Glenn, Lehi, girl, June 11.

GILLESPIE, Heather Kathleen and Kendall David, Provo, girl, June 11.

HARLEY, Brenda Lee and Vaughn Ivan, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 11.

KECK, Mary Lyn and Brent Douglas, Lehi, girl, June 11.

LARSON, Molly RaeAnn and Brian Dean, American Fork, girl, June 11.

MAGISTRO, Erisa and Matthew, Orem, girl, June 13.

MASSEY, Candice Mary and Wade Morris, Lehi, girl, June 13.

NELSON, Natalie and Michael David, Orem, boy, June 11.

NGO, Ashleigh and Son Hai Viet, Lehi, boy, June 11.

PEARSON, Shauna Lee and Ryan Vance, Provo, boy, June 12.

RODRIGUEZ, Tiffany and Hernaldo Isaac, Provo, boy, June 13.

SMARTT, Sandi Lee and Charles Andrew, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 11.

SMITH, Melissa and Nathan Byron, Provo, boy, June 12.

TODESCHINI, Rosemary and Mauricio Frederico Provo, twins, boy and girl, June 11.

TRUSCOTT, Dana Sue and Evan Walter, Orem, boy, June 12.

WALTER, Laura Ruth and Rome Charles, Provo, girl, June 11.

WARBURTON, Wendy Lynn and David John, American Fork, boy, June 12.

WEBB, Heidi and Kevin Larry, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 12.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ADAMS, Deborah and Phillip, Ogden, girl, June 24.

ALEXANDER, Amy and Robert, Cedar Hills, girl, June 22.

BRUNS, Dawnn and Ryan, West Valley City, boy, June 24.

CORNABY, Aimee and Travis, Salt Lake City, girl, June 25.

CUTLER, Pamela and David, South Jordan, boy, June 23.

DOWDLE, Heidi and Daniel, West Jordan, girl, June 24.

ELLSWORTH, Sarah and Ryan, Kearns, girl, June 24.

FARNSWORTH, Melissa and Nathaniel, Salt Lake City, girl, June 22.

GREEN, Kimberly and Kent, Murray, boy, June 24.

HENNESSY, Karrie and Scott, West Jordan, boy, June 22.

HINRICHSEN, Dina Heinee, Sandy, boy, June 22.

KENISON, Sonja and Donald, West Valley City, twins, girl and boy, June 24.

MUELLER, Melanie, Salt Lake City, boy, June 22.

OGDEN, Amy and Darren, West Jordan, boy, June 22.

OLSON, Juli and Bryan, Smithfield, Cache County, girl, June 22.

POULSON, Stephanie and Troy, West Jordan, girl, June 22.

ROBEY, Kara and Jason, West Jordan, boy, June 22.

ROBISON, Jaylynn and Alan, West Valley City, girl, June 22.

ROWSELL, Jennifer and Danny, Magna, girl, June 22.

SARGENT, Rae Lynn and David, West Jordan, boy, June 25.

SCHROADER, Danyel and Jacob, Salt Lake City, girl, June 25.

WADE, Heather and Jeffery, Draper, boy, June 24.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

BENNETT, Stacy Ann and Steven R., Layton, girl, June 19.

CHESHIRE, Casey and Scott Douglas, Sunset, boy, June 21.

CHRISTENSEN, Sara Joan and Nicholas Ira, Clearfield, boy, June 21.

EVANS, Jennifer Lynn and Jon Michael, Layton, boy, June 19.

FORTHMAN, Lauralyn and David Lynn, Layton, boy, June 21.

GROVER, Jennifer and Steven Russell Jr., Syracuse, boy, June 19.

HOFFMAN, Taunna Montie and Earl Ray, Kaysville, girl, June 20.

JUSTICE, Sherrie Rae and Gary Richard II, Roy, girl, June 18.

LEBLANC, Jolie Ann, and SMITH, Kyle Shelby, Salt Lake City, boy, June 20.

LIM, Bee Siew, abd WANG, Seng Chwee, Kaysville, girl, June 20.

MARTIN, Sharon Denise and William Joseph, Clearfield, boy, June 20.

OUZOUNIAN, Andrea and Daniel Kent, Layton, girl, June 18.

RICHARDS, Sarah and Steven Trent, Clearfield, boy, June 20.

ROBY, Julie Ann and Gregory LaMont, Clearfield, boy, June 19.

ROUNDY, Katey and Lance Alan, Kaysville, boy, June 18.

SIMMONS, Renee Lynn and Scott Marshall, Roy, girl, June 18.

TURESON, Laura Ann and Peter James, Layton, boy, June 19.

WALKER, Christine Augusta and William Scott, Clearfield, boy, June 18.

WILD, Pauline Celeste, and WHITE, Byron James, Clearfield, girl, June 20.

YOUNG, Kaye Lynn and Steven Elwin, Syracuse, boy, June 18.

LDS Hospital-

BETERAN, Dawn, Salt Lake City, boy, June 16.

CANNON, Mary and Eric, Salt Lake City, boy, June 16.

DANCE, Tara and Corey, Salt Lake City, girl, June 16.

HARKER, Allison and Brook, Salt Lake City, girl, June 17.

HARTVIGSEN, Louise and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, June 12.

HESS, Carla and Jason, Sandy, boy, June 16.

HOEN, Sara and Daniel, Orem, boy, June 17.

LEOTA, Dionne and Daniel, Salt Lake City, girl, June 17.

MARSHALL, Carrie and Richard, Layton, girl, June 17.

SHEA, Deanna and Aaron, Salt Lake City, boy, June 16.

WRIGHT, Kirsten and Gregory, West Valley City, boy, June 17.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BARKER, Robyn Rutledge and Kent, Plain City, girl, June 21.

BERGER, Wendy and Mark, Ogden, girl, June 24.

BURTON, Jamece and Bryce, Roy, boy, June 22.

BUXTON, Marcee and Delmar, Clearfield, boy, June 22.

CHIDESTER, Tina and Robert, Ogden, boy, June 23.

CLARK, Robyn and James, Eden, boy, June 23.

COOK, April and Kevin, Ogden, girl, June 23.

DIDERICKSEN, Camille and Jay R., Grantsville, boy, June 21.

DUNCAN, Laurel and Paul, Ogden, girl, June 23.

GOLLAHER, Richelle and Tyson, Ogden, boy, June 21.

HALL, Amy Joan and Russell Jay, Roy, girl, June 21.

HAMMACK, Kelly Erin and Randy Martin, Roy, boy, June 21.

HASSELL, Cari and Guy, Ogden, girl, June 22.

HELCO, Chelene and James, Ogden, girl, June 22.

HOSKINS, Britney, Willard, girl, June 22.

LAW, Tamra and Dustin, Clinton, girl, June 21.

LAYTON, Pam B. and Dixon, Clearfield, girl, June 22.

LECHTENBERG, Mandy and Blake, Layton, girl, June 23.

LOFLIN, Robin Elizabeth and Michael, Roy, girl, June 20.

MONTANEZ, Frances, Ogden, girl, June 22.

MULLETT, Melissa Bryner and Arthur Adelbert, Ogden, girl, June 22.

PAGANO, Naomi and Max J., Ogden, boy, June 23.

PARKER, Stephanie, Layton, boy, June 21.

PIPPIN, Haydee and Scott, Roy, boy, June 22.

PRESTON, Mary Jean and Scott, Eden, boy, June 23.

TEJADA, Jessica, Ogden, girl, June 23.

THOMPSON, Monica and Terry, Brigham City, boy, June 24.

Mountain View Hospital-

BECK, Raquel LaDean and Scott Swenson, Spanish Fork, girl, June 20.

CHRISTENSEN, Lacie Fawn, Santaquin, boy, June 20.

HAYES, Marianne and David Paul, Payson, boy, June 21.

McGUIRE, Trudy Lyn and Ryan Alvin, Spanish Fork, boy, June 17.

MEADS, Heather Shea and Kenneth Edward, Salem, boy, June 21.

UNDERWOOD, Nancy Gail and Johnny Ken, Eureka, boy, June 22.

VIGIL, Judith and George Joseph Jr., Payson, boy, June 20.

WHITE, Kimberly Ann and Zachary Reed, Springville, boy, June 21.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

MILNE, Robyn and Ryan, Salt Lake City, boy, June 5.

St. Mark's Hospital-

APARICIO, Mary Luella and Rodrigo Aristides, Salt Lake City, girl, June 17.

BREWSTER, Aimie Lynn and Blaine Matthew, Draper, girl, June 16.

CARRASCO, Sandra Maribel and Tomas, Salt Lake City, boy, June 16.

CHASE, Lydia Carhelia and Randal Field, Draper, girl, June 16.

EDWARDS, Robin and Mason Duane, Taylorsville, boy, June 16.

GARCIA, Nanette and Albert Royer, Midvale, girl June 18.

HAUER, Jesyca Jolene and Jason Bryan, Salt Lake City, boy, June 17.

HOROWITZ, Ann Elizabeth and Robert Frank, Park City, boy, June 16.

HULLINGER, Julie and Shane Dennis, West Valley City, boy, June 16.

KIRKLAND, Kassidy and Oscar Ashley, Salt Lake City, girl, June 17.

LIGHTEN, Charity Mae and Daniel Andrew, West Jordan, girl, June 18.

ORTON, Penny and David Kent, West Valley City, girl, June 18.

PARRISH, Jennifer Rae, and ANDERSON, Darryl, Sandy, boy, June 16.

REDER, Jessica Kay and Matthew Douglas, Murray, boy, June 17.

RICHES, Jai-Dee and Brian Buehner, Murray, boy, June 18.

SALAZAR, Jennifer Rose and David Luis, Sandy, boy, June 16.

SARTORI, Heidi Rebecca and Kelly Ray, West Valley City, girl, June 18.