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Patients’ e-mail addresses are accidentally divulged

SHARE Patients’ e-mail addresses are accidentally divulged

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Drugmaker Eli Lilly last week inadvertently divulged the e-mail addresses of some patients with depression, bulimia or obsessive-compulsive disorder, The Washington Post reported Wednesday, quoting company officials.

A June 27 e-mail message listed the addresses of more than 600 people who had signed up for an Internet service provided by Lilly to routinely send them reminders about taking the company's Prozac medicine or attending to other matters.

Over the past two years, such messages were addressed only to individuals. Last week's message, announcing the end of the program, was sent to every participant and included all of their e-mail addresses because of a computer programming error, Lilly spokeswoman Laura Miller told The Post.