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Local births

Cottonwood Hospital-

ALMOND, Deanna and Russell, Sandy, boy, June 25.

ANDERSON, Ember, Taylorsville, boy, June 26.

BALDWIN, Crystal, Salt Lake City, girl, June 25.

BIGGS, Maxine and Jason, West Jordan, boy, June 27.

BOWDEN, Sarah and Kenneth, Salt Lake City, girl, June 27.

BRACE, Andrea, and LINO, Siaosi, Taylorsville, boy, June 25.

BRADY, Kylie and Troy, Salt Lake City, girl, June 26.

BRAGA, Ruth and Michael, West Jordan, girl, June 25.

CARTER, Carrie and Jay, Salt Lake City, girl, June 26.

CASTILLO, Sara and Saul, Magna, girl, June 27.

HARSTON, Rebecca and Richard, Sandy, girl, June 26.

ISOM, Stephanie and Porter, Salt Lake City, boy, June 26.

MONTOYA, Alysia and Charles, West Jordan, girl, June 25.

MORTON, Sarah and Daniel, West Jordan, boy, June 25.

NOEL, Shannon and Ed, Salt Lake City, boy, June 26.

OLSEN, Dusty and Curtis, Riverton, boy, June 26.

PADILLA, Cynthia and Anthony, Salt Lake City, boy, June 25.

PETERSEN, Katherine and Daniel, Salt Lake City, boy, June 25.

POFF, Janel and Neil, West Jordan, girl, June 25.

RIZZUTO, Kaye and Steven, Salt Lake City, girl, June 25.

RUSKE, Shauna, South Jordan, boy, June 26.

STOCKS, Ericka and Phillip, Carlin, Nev., boy, June 27.

WAWRZYNIAK, Cheri and Karrick, Draper, boy, June 27.

LDS Hospital-

ALPLANELP, Hillary and Amos, West Jordan, boy, June 20.

CRAWFORD, Teresa and Lance, Kamas, boy, June 20.

DAVID, Vanessa, and TAYLOR, Benjamin, Salt Lake City, boy, June 20.

DAVIS, Kelli and Robert, Tooele, girl, June 18.

DIDERICKSEN, Callee and Lance, Salt Lake City, boy, June 19.

EMERSON, Stephanie and Thomas, Magna, girl, June 20.

FREDRICKSON, Silvana and Steven, Salt Lake City, girl, June 18.

GARCIA, Veronica and Juan, Midvale, girl, June 19.

GREGSON, Sarah and Chris, Salt Lake City, boy, June 19.

HARRYMAN, Tina and Micheal, Tooele, boy, June 18.

HEALY, Natalie and Larry, Salt Lake City, boy, June 20.

MANCHELLA, Madhuri and Nagaraj, Salt Lake City, boy, June 19.

MASON, Ranae and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, June 19.

NELSON, Kathy and Ivan, Bountiful, girl, June 18.

PETERSON, Rebecca and Matthew, Grantsville, boy, June 19.

POULSEN, Angie and Dallin, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 20.

RICH, Trina and Dick, North Salt Lake, boy, June 18.

RICHARDSON, Shanna and Chad, Salt Lake City, boy, June 19.

SESSIONS, Kristi and Adam, Salt Lake City, girl, June 18.

THOMPSON, Boni and Aaron, Kaysville, girl, June 19.

WACHSMAN, Clair, and ALBA, Rennie, Salt Lake City, girl, June 20.

ZEIDLER, Tawnya and Gary, Centerville, boy, June 18.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BISHOP, Courtney and Bobby, Ogden, girl, June 25.

BLAIR, Amelie, Ogden, boy, June 16.

BUCK, Tricia and David, Ogden, boy, June 24.

ESPINOZA, Amy and Michael, Ogden, boy, June 26,

GOOD, Jennifer and Jeffrey, Ogden, girl, June 19.

MARTINEZ, Denice Marie and Mark, Layton, boy, June 26.

NAVA, Sonia and Omar, Ogden, boy, June 25.

PARKER, Casi and Brandon, Roy, girl, June 25.

PARKINSON, Shauna Pett and Ted, Mountain View, Wyo., boy, June 20.

REED, Carrie Courtney and James Russell, Clinton, girl, June 26.

SORENSON, Neely and Mathew, Syracuse, boy, June 24.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

CARPENTER, Kimberly Dale Gage and John Paige, Salt Lake City, boy, June 17.

GOFF, Annalisa and Chris C., Layton, boy, June 15.

HARDMAN, Melissa Ann and Codey C., Tooele, girl, June 15.

KOLLER, Andree Dawn and Ryan Wade, West Jordan, girl, June 15.

LARSON, Angela and Danny D. Jr., Sandy, boy, June 14.

MILLER, Sally Ann, and MORROW, Frank Julen, Salt Lake City, girl, June 15.

OGLE, Anita and Donnie Cleo Jr., Midvale, boy, June 14.

THOMPSON, Kathleen and Chris Woodland, Salt Lake City, boy, June 15.

WRIGHT, Holli Ellen and Douglas Mark, West Valley City, girl, June 14.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ALFARO, Janett Rosita and Manuel Carlos, Provo, girl, June 14.

ALLRED, Kristina Diane and Ross Leland, Mapleton, girl, June 12.

ASHWORTH, Amy Christine and John Dell, Orem, boy, June 10.

ATWOOD, Kimbria Ann and Aaron Moody, Spanish Fork, boy, June 13.

BAILEY, Kristeen and David Noel, Provo, boy, June 14.

BETHERS, Jackie, Provo, boy, June 14.

BEUTTEMULLER, Jennifer and Erhard Evan, Salem, girl, June 14.

BOYACK, Judy Alice and James Riley, Spanish Fork, boy, June 15.

BRADY, Heidi Jean and David Michael, Mapleton, girl, June 10.

BROBERG, Tara and Mark R., Provo, girl, June 13.

BROWN, Deadawn and Jay Darrel, Provo, girl, June 11.

CARPI, Magdalena Elizabeth, and AGUILAR, Fernando, Provo, boy, June 11.

CHADWICK, Heidi Lynn and Keith Larry, Spanish Fork, boy, June 14.

COTTRELL, Katherine and James Thomas, Provo, girl, June 15.

CRUZ, Bella Argelia, Provo, boy, June 10.

DeGRAFFENRIED, Kathryn Elena and David Scott, Santaquin, boy, June 10.

DRAPER, Natalie and Cody V., Provo, girl,.June 14.

EBERHARD, Sara Ellen and Brian Joseph, Provo, girl, June 13.

FINCHER, Jolene and Mark John, Orem, boy, June 11.

FRANDSEN, Cherie and Lenis V., Provo, boy, June 14.

GAINES, Nicole and Craig David, Orem, girl, June 13.

GARDNER, Camille and Douglas Gary, Lehi, boy, June 15.

GROBERG, Jennifer Ann and Geoffrey Nelson, Spanish Fork, girl, June 10.

HAFEN, D. Meagan and McArthur Jr., Provo, boy, June 13.

HALL, Annette Marie and Chad Daniel, Orem, girl, June 12.

HARDY, Hillary Elizabeth and Brandon Lamar, Orem, girl, June 15.

HARRISON, Ashley and Matthew Ludlow, Salem, girl, June 11.

HEGERHORST, Lisa Ann and Brent Karl, Spanish Fork, boy, June 10.

HOLDEN, Stefanie and Darren Ray, Vernon, girl, June 10.

HUGHES, Sandi Rae and Brian Robert, Spanish Fork, boy, June 15.

JEPPSON, Deanna Louise and Michael Brandon, Springville, boy, June 10.

JOENS, Danielle Rena and Jeffrey Scott, Marysvale, Piute County, boy, June 11.

JORGENSEN, Tiffany and Justus Lester, Castle Dale, girl, June 14.

JUDD, Erin Suzanne and Adam Lee, Provo, girl, June 14.

KIRKLAND, Tiana Shaina, and ARZOLA, Jose Enrique, Payson, girl, June 13.

KLUGER, Barbara Jeanne and Benjamin David Alexander, Provo, girl, June 13.

LEAVITT, Adrianne and David Curtis, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 13.

LLOYD, Melitza and Steven Dennis, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 13.

LOMMASSON, Carrie Elizabeth and Eric James, Provo, girl, June 14.

LOVERIDGE, Candy Rae and Steven Groesbeck, Eagle Mountain, girl, June 11.

LUKE, Hillary and Jeremy Blaine, Orem, boy, June 11.

LUNCEFORD, Ginnie Ann and Orval Jay, Springville, girl, June 14.

McOMBER, Andrea Dawn and Timothy Scott, Provo, girl, June 11.

MEIKLE, Suzanne Marie and Ryan Bennett, Orem, girl, June 12.

MEJIA, Tatiana and Walter Enrique, Provo, boy, June 12.

MILANI, Anne Maurine and Paul Charles, Spanish Fork, girl, June 15.

MORGAN, Wendy Michelle and Felix Allen, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 11.

NATORI, Miyuki and Reiichi, Provo, boy, June 11.

NEILSON, Desiree Lynn and Rusty David, Mt. Pleasant, girl, June 12.

NELSON, Carolyn and Brent Stuart, Provo, boy, June 13.

OBORN, Loretta Elizabeth and William Virgil, Payson, boy, June 10.

ROBERTS, Jennifer Raelene and Garrett John, Clearfield, girl, June 12.

RODRIGUEZ, Andrea Fabiana and Gustavo Adrian, Heber City, girl, June 11.

SALAMONE, Azucena Beatriz and Marcelo Adrian, Provo, boy, June 13.

SALCEDO, Rosario and Roberto, Provo, boy, June 15.

SIMONS, Lindsay Lu and Michael Aaron, Orem, boy, June 14.

SMITH, Teresa and Craig Gordon, Springville, girl, June 14.

STECKLER, Rana Renee and Allen Joseph, Provo, boy, June 10.

STEELE, Jessica Sonia and Matthew Robert, Provo, boy, June 11.

STOCKS, Jessica Paige and Jeremy James, Orem, boy, June 11.

TAYLOR, Julia Ann and Kevin Ronald, Spanish Fork, girl, June 12.

TERRY, Sara Kay and Michael Wayne, Springville, boy, June 15.

WATERS, Mindy Anne and Jeffery Michael, Spanish Fork, boy, June 10.

WHEATFILL, Lilias May and Shawn Evan, Orem, boy, June 13.

WOOD, Heather and Trevor Randal, Taylorsville, girl, June 15.

WOOD, Julie Ann and Chad Allen, Heber City, girl, June 15.

WOOD, Sheryl Linn and Don Jay, Heber City, boy, June 13.

YOUNG, Debra Christine and Robert James, Orem, boy, June 13.